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John Murphy Testimonial

A dairy farmer who rears both heifer replacements and beef calves is weaning a week earlier after feeding a specially formulated milk powder during the transition period.

Davey Testimonial

There is increasing realisation that young calves need a different milk from older calves. Cows naturally produce transition milk after colostrum and this offers baby calves more protection and better nutrition. This is the reason Transformula, the only baby milk for baby calves is proving so popular on dairy farm as it designed to replace transition milk.

Dyer Testimonial

A dairy farming family whose calf rearing system was challenged by cryptosporidium says focusing on diet in the two weeks following birth is playing an important part in calf health.

Michael Flanagan Testimonial

“With the help of shine ewe-reka I can help keep my pre-weaned replacement lambs healthy at the stage when they are most prone to scours and bloat, because the ewe’s milk in Shine Ewe-reka contains specific antibodies against sheep diseases”.

Willie Whiteford Testimonial

A once-a-day calf feeding system is allowing a premier Ayrshire breeder to devote more time to keeping his heifer replacements in tip-top health. Six years ago, they introduced Shine- Once- a- Day milk replacer to calves at 28 days old. The system has been so successful that the family say there is no going back.

Joe O’Boyle Testimonial

With at least 500 cattle at the farm, calves are fed milk replacer via two computerised feeders. Although Joe has had the feeders for 10 years, he says he has only been getting the best from them since using Compumate®.

Weavian Farm Testimonial

Cath Ratcliffe moved to West Webbery Farm, Bideford, North Devon in 2013 to enable them to expand their 180 cow herd and to keep their own youngstock as it had previously been a flying herd.

John Kennedy Testimonial

A young farmer’s vision for improving calf performance on his family’s dairy farm by changing the feeding system from cow’s milk to a once-a-day milk replacer lives on after his tragic death.

Nigel Worrell Testimonial

The flexibility of a once-a-day calf feeding system has allowed a Co. Clare agricultural contracting business to expand into calf rearing, increasing numbers year on year to 250.

Jerry Moloney Testimonial

Jerry Moloney, who runs a herd of 98 pedigree Holsteins at Nenagh, Co Tipperary, first used Shine Once-A-Day to reduce time and labour in feeding his heifer replacements.

Conor Moloney Testimonial

Practical constraints which had prevented a dairy farmer from rearing milk-fed calves at an off-lying site have been overcome with the introduction of Shine Once-a-Day milk replacer.

Shine newsletter – Issue 4

Shine newsletter – Issue 2. Contents include: New trial on Shine once a day, the benefits of feeding Shine at 15% solids compared to 12½% and some good housing ideas.

Shine newsletter – Issue 2

Shine newsletter – Issue 2. Contents include: New trial on Shine once a day, the benefits of feeding Shine at 15% solids compared to 12½% and some good housing ideas.

Sean Tynan Testimonial

Last January Sean invested in a Dairymaster computerised feeder but has taken the sensible decision and not allowed the machine to do all the work.

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