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Upper THI index and stress

In this study, upper critical values of the temperature-humidity index (THI) were determined in Holstein bull calves (n = 16) based on noninvasive physiological variables. Meteorological and animal-based data were recorded for a 4-d period following a 24-h habituation.

Heat stress through 1st lactation

Calves born to cows exposed to heat stress during late gestation (i.e., the dry period) have lower birth weight and weaning weight and compromised passive immune transfer compared with those born to dams that are cooled.

Heat stress all life cycle

Heat stress has a myriad of effects on dairy cattle across the life cycle. Whereas, the most commonly recognized impacts are associated with production responses, emerging evidence indicates that heat stress profoundly alters the immune response of calves and cows, from the prenatal stage through lactation.

Heat stress & organs

Heat stress causes significant negative responses in the dairy industry. The
objective of this study was to assess the e ect of heat stress on the autophagy and apoptosis of the rumen, abomasum, duodenum, liver and kidney in calves.

Factors affecting calves

Data were collected prospectively on parameters related to first calving on 18 farms located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This project was designed to study possible residual effects of calf management practices and events occurring during the first 16 wk of life on age, BW, skeletal growth, and body condition score at
first calving.

Early life heat stress

Heat stress has well-known influences on dairy calf physiology, but less is understood about calf behavioral responses to heat
stress. Herein, we evaluated milk replacer intake, standing activity, and lying behaviors of calves exposed to prenatal or postnatal heat
stress or both.

Reducing Calf Morbidity on Dairy and Beef Farms

Reducing Calf Morbidity on Dairy and Beef Farms.  A graduate has been co-funded in this company by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational  Programme 2014-2020.

Once-a-day feeding system compares well with computerised feeder

Last year Northern Irish farmers Chris Catherwood and Jason Rankin won the All Ireland calf rearer of the year award and received a computerised machine as a prize. For the last two years the calves on the Cannon farm had been reared using teated feeders and were fed a skim and buttermilk based milk replacer once a day (OAD).

Hay or Straw?

Effect of feeding meadow hay or winter barley straw on the performance of artificially reared dairy-bred beef calves to 12 weeks.