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Producers of renowned skim milk replacers for calves, lambs and kids.


Transformula is the only transition milk replacer for your calves

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Shine Once-a-day

For Once-a-day feeding Shine is Europe’s is number 1


The range with real milk – whatever system you use, we have a specific product for your calves


The only lamb milk made with ewe’s milk – lambs prefer ewe’s milk and that why shepherds buy Ewe-reka


The only kid milk made with goats milk – goats milk is not only better for infants it’s better for kids too

About us

Bonanza Calf Nutrition was established to offer farmers in the UK and Ireland a range of superior milk replacer ingredients for rearing their dairy heifer replacements and beef calves.

Our partners are Bonilait, the largest producer of milk replacers in Europe, and County Milk Products, the largest dairy ingredients business in the UK and Ireland.

As such, we have access to 43 different types of milk, a vast range of ingredients that has allowed us to offer farmers low heat buttermilk and a wider range of fats, including formulations that don’t include palm or soya.

Ewe milk has been introduced into our lamb milk replacers and goat milk into our kid milk formulas, offering animals a consistent product and their owners the security of full traceability back to source.

All our the milk replacer ingredients are dried using low heat and homogenisation technology.

Our formulations – Shine, Transformula, Ewe-reka and Milky Way – are used successfully on farms throughout Europe and are undisputed brand leaders.

And the story doesn’t end there as we have a team of calf advisors who provide on-farm support to customers to improve their calf rearing, while also assisting them to reduce labour and other costs and to utilise existing farm buildings.

We are on a journey of continual improvement and therefore work with a wide range of research bodies to help improve calf rearing for our customers.

And our Calf Chat forum and Novatec platform provide farmers and their staff with training and help when they need it.

Shine is the only milk I had fed that is comparable in performance to cows milk.
Feeding Shine in Mountrath, Co Laois, Ireland

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We found that growth rates on Shine Once-a-day enabled us to double birth weights by 8 week weaning, with no weaning check as they ate more dry food.
Feeding once a day in North Devon

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One of the best things about Shine is that it is very easy to mix and the calves love it.
Feeding Once-a-day in Co. Tipperary, Ireland

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Before feeding Compumate®, we struggled to get all cattle to finish on time but we no longer have this difficulty.
Feeding Compumate through machines in Randalstown

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Bonanza Calf Nutrition

Producers of the renowned Shine range of milk replacers for calves and lambs.

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