Ewe-reka Freeflow

Ewe-reka is made with ewe milk – the closest milk replacer to mothers milk!

Freeflow – suitable for use in automatic feeders.

To help improve lamb health and performance Ewe-reka is made with whey products from ewe’s milk. Ewe milk has long been used to make cheese’s such as Roquefort, Manchego and Bleu D’ Auvergne and we have taken the by-products of this cheese production to make a milk replacer as close to mother milk as it can be. Unlike cow’s milk this milk will contain antibodies to specific sheep diseases that will help to keep orphan lambs healthy.

Ewe-reka – the number 1 formulation in Europe – used to rear nearly 1 million lambs last year.

Ewe-reka key to reducing lamb mortalities in French flocks

French sheep farmers who had been losing up to a third of their artificially-reared lambs to bloat are reporting no mortalities from this condition after introducing a milk replacer made with ewe’s milk into their feeding systems.

Michael Flanagan Testimonial

“With the help of shine ewe-reka I can help keep my pre-weaned replacement lambs healthy at the stage when they are most prone to scours and bloat, because the ewe’s milk in Shine Ewe-reka contains specific antibodies against sheep diseases”.

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“They are the healthiest calves I have,’’ he says.

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