Shine Goat

Shine goat milk is used to rear and fatten over 300,000 kid goats every year mainly in France and Spain. Many of the kids are reared in large numbers with milk replacer making up most of their nutrition, so health and performance are critical. The high level of milk to plant protein ensures kids use the minimum energy required to digest the nutrients in Shine Goat Milk. Coccidiosis can have a detrimental effect on kid health and weight gain performance. Based on plant extracts to help reduce the effects of coccidiosis infection, we can add ‘KIDOX’ at varying rates depending on the severity of the problem.
  • Made with goat milk to improve kid health and digestion
  • Flavour and aroma helps to encourage intakes
  • Contains high levels of coconut to minimise clostridia growth in the intestine
  • Contains buttermilk fat to reduce virus populations
Protein Minimum 23% milk protein
Fat 23% blend of 6 oils for maximum digestibility and boosted immunity
Ash Maximum 8%

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“They are the healthiest calves I have,’’ he says.

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