Transition milk is the milk cows produce after colostrum and before they produce what we consider milk. It is higher in most nutrients and antibodies and is highly beneficial to feed to calves. However, the effect of a high total bacterial count in transition milk and the risk of spreading disease offset these benefits. Using Transformula is the perfect solution and gives baby calves what baby calves need.
Transformula – the only transition milk replacer for baby calves

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Bonanza Calf Nutrition has developed the 1st transition milk replacer for calves.

Transformula is not a milk replacer it’s a transition milk replacer.  Transition milk is produced by the cow and its function is to transition the calf’s digestive system or gut (abomasum, small and large intestine) into the main sites of digestion for the young calf.

The gut has no function in the foetus and only really develops in the last month of gestation and in the weeks after birth. This development is both physical and microbial. Prior to birth the calf’s digestive system has a microbial community or Microbiome ready to become active after birth. The ingestion of colostrum and transition milk is key to the health of this microbiome and to the health and development of the calf

The microbiome is influenced from the very beginning and prebiotics in colostrum help kickstart the calf’s digestive and immune system, followed by transition milk. The gut is also very porous at birth, which allow colostrum antibodies to be absorbed whole but is also a site for bad bugs to enter the calf’s system. It takes several days for the gut to become much less porous, leaving the calf highly vulnerable to pathogens for quite some time.

Feeding transition milk (milk produced by the cow from day 2-4) is key to encouraging the production of acid and enzymes in the calf and the full closure of the gut wall.

Bonanza Calf Nutrition has developed the 1st transition milk by identifying these key elements of transition milk.

The calf is very limited in what it can digest in the days after birth and providing the wrong feed at this stage limits gut development, gut closure, energy intake and the ability of the calf to fight infection.

The selection of pasteurised and low heat-treated protein ingredients for Transformula is key as is the selection of short chain fatty acids to ensure the calf can utilise the energy and protein in the transition milk replacer. Other feed ingredient shown to promote gut health are added at levels found in transition milk.

Oligosaccharides, found in cows transition milk, are unique to Transformula transition milk replacer. They act as a prebiotic for beneficial bacteria and aid in preventing pathogens binding to the lining of the gut which often present themselves as scour in the young calf. They also promote cell proliferation, therefore reducing the time taken for closure of the porous gut.

Farmers using Transformula have far less problem with scour which saves time and money on calf treatments

Using Transformula limits the risk of disease spread in the herd and the pay back of the investment is less calf treatments, stronger calves at two weeks old and more even calves.

Transformula is not a magic bullet – it just allows nature to take its course.

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    Heifers on course for calving targets after Transformula helps prevent scour at Gardeners Farm in Hullavington.
    Gardeners Farm Testimonial

    Transformula, Read more

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