The Eect of Heat Stress on Autophagy and Apoptosis of Rumen, Abomasum, Duodenum, Liver and Kidney Cells in Calves

Simple summary:

Heat stress causes significant negative responses in the dairy industry. The objective of this study was to assess the eect of heat stress on the autophagy and apoptosis of the rumen, abomasum, duodenum, liver and kidney in calves. The results showed that heat stress could increase the autophagy and apoptosis of the kidney, duodenum and abomasum.

However, heat stress had no eect on the autophagy and apoptosis of the liver. In cows, most studies of autophagy and apoptosis have only focused on mammary remodeling. Our results provide new knowledge regarding autophagy and autophagy in calf heat stress management.

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