Milky Way

A concentrated skim based calf milk replacer made from milk proteins, with high levels of energy. Milky way can be fed at lower rates without compromising calf health and growth. It will reduce stress and increase dry feed intake and calf performance when calves are fed twice a day or using an automatic feeder.
  • Only concentrated calf milk on the market
  • Allows calves to be fed lower quantities of powder
  • Accelerated rumen development
  • Encourages higher dry feed intake
  • 50% to 60% more digestible protein than standard calf milk
Skim and butter milk and whey 20% milk protein
Palm coconut, rape seed, butterfat soya and linseed 24% oil


Feed rate g/day Feed rate g/day
Standard Calf milk MILKY WAY
600 450
700 500
800 600

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Dyer Testimonial

A dairy farming family whose calf rearing system was challenged by cryptosporidium says focusing on diet in the two weeks following birth is playing an important part in calf health.

Milky Way leaflet

Milky Way concentrated calf milk – Be 100% sure your calves get 100% milk protein.

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Calving time

Although it may not seem so, the perinatal period is the most risky period in the life of a calf. Getting a live calf on the ground is crucial in all our books, however ensuring the calf doesn’t contract disease when it gets there is another imperative battle to be fought.

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