Compumate – the only milk replacer designed for computerised machine fed calves.

Many milk powders are suitable for computerised feeders but few are ideal for the calves on the machine. 

This is because calves in large mixed groups sharing the one teat are exposed to vast quantities of pathogens which is maintained through the continuous introduction of young calves on to the feeder.

In most countries, because of herd size, 6-10 heifers per station is the norm.  Treating and removing sick calves as well as administering preventative medicine can eliminate any labour advantage if not managed well.


 feeder ( N<6)

Bucket (N<6)

Scour ( N=50)



Pneumonia (N=50)



Number of  infected pens



Mean age with Pneumonia



Even 6 calves per station/pen increased illness substantially (Table 1, Liverpool University 2016)

Compumate is formulated to provide calves with a range of feed ingredients and additives to help keep calves healthy during the feeding period.

These include skim milk, buttermilk , plant oils and polyphenols, omega 3 oil, egg protein, vitamin C and vitamin E.

Compumate is sweetened and contains milk flavours to aid training on the teat and the plant oils encourage dry feed intake – important as calves get older.

Compumate because the feeder is only as good as the milk powder.

    Joe O’Boyle Testimonial

    With at least 500 cattle at the farm, calves are fed milk replacer via two computerised feeders. Although Joe has had the feeders for 10 years, he says he has only been getting the best from them since using Compumate®.

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    Although it may not seem so, the perinatal period is the most risky period in the life of a calf. Getting a live calf on the ground is crucial in all our books, however ensuring the calf doesn’t contract disease when it gets there is another imperative battle to be fought.

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