Rocket fuel for baby lambs – setting up multiple birth lambs for LIFE.

Twin and triplet lambs often don’t get enough energy from colostrum or milk and this is why hypothermia and starvation are the number 1 killers of multiple birth lambs. These lambs can get enough colostrum to absorb sufficient antibodies but, at the same time, may only get consume 60-70% of their energy needs. This is why feeding TAKE OFF to multiple birth lambs can set them up for LIFE.

Small lambs have a larger surface area to body weight ratio and will chill faster than a larger lamb. This is what puts multiple birth lambs at a greater risk of hypothermia compared to large single born lambs which are normally heavier at birth. In addition to birth weight, the environment will also have a role to play in how fast the lamb loses heat. The new born lamb has been used to temperature of 38 degrees when in the uterus and it is a shock to the system especially if there are harsh weather conditions or placed in a draughty pen.

Lambs are born with a certain amount of brown fat and this acts as an internal central heating system to maintain body temperature and prevent hypothermia, however brown fat is irreversibly replaced by normal white fat and rapidly disappears.

Fat stores must be replenished to allow the lamb to maintain its energy reserves. Firstly, they use lactose and then fat from milk to replenish these stores when used up. Colostrum provides very little lactose and none of the protein in colostrum is there to provide energy so fat intake is vital.

TAKE OFF is a supplement to colostrum and provides three types of energy to ensure the lamb can maintain heat generation and maintain its health during the critical 24-72 hours of life.

100ml of TAKE OFF will provide 1MJ of energy per lamb. This is equal to the lambs total requirement for energy in order to maintain its body weight and keep warm for 1 day

Analysis on a dry matter basis As fed (70g in 200ml of mixed TAKE OFF)
Fat 40% (coconut) 14%
Lactose 35% 12%
Dextrose 10% 3.5%
Protein 7% (including ewe milk Ig antibodies) 1.3%

When should TAKE OFF be fed to lambs?

TAKE OFF should be fed to lambs as their second feed once they have received colostrum.

Which lambs should I feed TAKE OFF to?

Small/multiple and weak lambs may require TAKE OFF to give them a boost to get up and suckle. Small lambs lose heat quicker than larger lambs.

Is it easy to mix?

TAKE OFF can be mixed in cold or warm water, water can be added to the bottle and shaken.

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