Take Off is rocket fuel for lambs; it should be fed as a supplement to colostrum. This product was designed to give any weak lambs a boost in energy especially during their first week of life. Often if there are multiple lambs born to one ewe, it is these extra lambs that become vulnerable if the ewe cannot provide enough milk for all lambs.

  • Contains ewe milk
  • Provides 3 types of energy to ensure the lamb can maintain its heat generation and maintain its health during the critical 24-72 hours of life.
Analysis on a dry matter basis As fed (30g in 100ml of mixed Take-Off)
Fat 40% 14%
Lactose 35% 12%
Dextrose 10% 3.5%
Protein 7% 1.3%
Ash 8% 2.8%

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Lamb diseases and mortality

Possible ways to advance survival of the newborn lamb is to maximise lamb vigour, encourage maternal bonding, enhance colostrum production, select on behaviour traits, and improved feed management during late pregnancy.

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