INRA French animal research body Shine Once-a-day trial


A calf feeding trial has revealed that encouraging calves to consume more dry feed at an early age by rearing them on a once-a-day milk replacer improves their growth and health both before and after weaning.

INRA, the French animal research body, compared a control group of calves fed cow’s milk via computerised feeders and those bucketfed a combination of cow’s milk and Shine Once-a-Day.

The control group received an additional 21kg of milk solids but consumed far less concentrates. At weaning and at 14 weeks, they were the same weight as the calves fed the combination of Shine and cow’s milk.

The Shine group were consuming between 540-720g of milk solids per day in four litres of liquid and had far greater rumen development compared to the control group which consumed 1080g in nine litres of liquid. The control group took longer to wean as they were not eating enough dry feed.

According to Tom Warren of Bonanza Calf Nutrition, which manufactures Shine, the trial showed the benefits of getting dry feed into calves at an early age.

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“They are the healthiest calves I have,’’ he says.

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